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FansOnQ.com features the best of the best Audience Casting and Fan Engagement experiences. Based in Miami, FL we  service productions in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Miami. 
FansOnQ.com offers a complete range of services and support for live award show audience, studio audience and special events. 
FansOnQ.com is the hub where fans connect with their favorite celebrities, shows and events.
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Premios Juventud 2017





  • What is a Fan Pit Audience?

    Fan Pit Audience participation adds energy and excitement to the show by singing along and cheering on their favorite artist and performers. Premios Juventud's Fan Pit is a concert style standing only area, no seats are available. Nevertheless, you are guarantee to have a great time!
  • Casting Age Requirement:

    MUST Be at least 16 years old and appear no older than 35 years old.
  • Participants that are 16 & 17 years old MUST bring a Parent/Guardian Consent Letter
  • Important Disclaimer:

    Due to the nature and physical demands of being a Fan Pit Audience participant you must possess the physical ability to stand for extended period of time, walk up and down stairs as needed, follow verbal and visual instructions without assistance, and be in general good health without any conditions that would restrict or limit any of the above activities.









1What is a seatfiller?

A seatfiller fills empty camera seats for major award shows or any televised special events, therefore when the cameras do shots of the audience, they don’t see any empty seats. Camera seat ticket holders usually do not show up to their seats or they are away from their seats while they are performing, presenting or backstage during the taping of the show. As a seatfiller you will fill these empty seats and will only move during commercial breaks when the ticket holder comes back to their seats. Seatfiller’s job is more like playing a glamorous way of musical chairs, your job is to make sure empty seats are filled at all time. Sometimes a seatfiller will be lucky and would never have to move at all. Nevertheless, seatfillers will enjoy a great show on the best seats of the house for FREE.  

2How do I become a FansOnQ Seatfiller?

Each show is different and will have different Casting Age requirements. If and when you do meet the Casting Age requirements you can sign up for the listed show being announced on our website FansOnQ.com You MUST follow all the sign up instructions and submit requested information to be considered as a seatfiller participant. FansOnQ.com Seatfillers do not get paid nor do you pay us to be a seatfiller,  it is a FREE voluntary participation.  Please be aware we do NOT provide any travel or hotel accommodations, you are responsible for your own travel arrangements.

3How do I know if I was selected to be a FansOnQ Seatfiller?

Once you have followed all sign up instructions and submitted correct contact information, we will notify you within 2 to 5 days after submission. It is important you submit correct email address to be able to receive our email notifications.

4Am I allowed to bring guest(s) to the shows?

Yes you can. Just let your friends know about the show and if they meet the Casting Age requirements they can sign up for the show themselves on our website FansOnQ.com Remember being a seatfiller does NOT guarantee you and friends will be seating together or will be together throughout the show.

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